About Us

Our Objective

To stand as an international consortium of leaders in the development, construction and related industries with the common goal of facilitating knowledge expansion, interaction and businesses optimization that will improve economic growth; in succession to globalization, providing a platform for this new era of development with sustainable technologies.


Who We Are

The Developers & Builders Alliance is a global development, construction and related businesses networking and marketing organization that unifies top decision makers by contributing to the exchange of information and trends affecting the industry.

Our goal is to act as an extension of your company and serve as a powerful business development partner to help you evolve and grow in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Our Evolution

Through our cooperative efforts we were able to further extend our reach to decision makers, business leaders and government officials from around the world to promote our common interests. In a short span of time, we became one of the largest development and construction organizations uniting top universal investors, developers, government authorities, contractors, and all related industry professionals.


Our Distinctiveness

Leadership and Veracity: We don’t just embrace and unify business partners, but those who build with a strong level of integrity, commitment and determination.

Our involvement in the industry has resulted in an innate understanding of the workings of development and construction. The Developers & Builders Alliance membership collectively reflects projects that span approximately over 349.717 Billion square feet of premium property worldwide, plus under construction projects that cannot be quantified. Business dollars from these developments exceed the $750.975 Trillion mark and at the height of our membership we had over 37,000 participating members over the past years. These achievements translate into thousands of Real Estate, including world-class commercial developments, throughout the world.


Honorary Founder Members

Gil Dezer
Veronica Mendieta
Donald J. Trump
Michael Dezer
Jorge M. Perez

Executive Board Members

Veronica Mendieta
Ralph Puig
Jorge Brugo

Honorary Directors

Fernando Fischman
J. Claudio Stivelman
Anthony J. Burke
Evangeline Gouletas

Advisory Board Members

Zulino Panos
Alessandra Stivelman, Esq.
Sofia Guzman, P.A.
Angela Clare
Karla Zelaya

Membership Levels


This level of membership grants access to exclusive industry connections covering global markets. Strategic meetings can be arranged with influential and powerful trade leaders, to create new partnerships and future business ventures.

Black level membership also provides a collection of the Alliance's marketing endeavors: public relations and marketing exposure through the widest coverage of publicity offered by the organization in all electronic and published literature.

As part of the black level marketing benefits, members whose companies currently conduct ecological business operations will be audit and certified by Certified Green Partners®.

This level also includes the presentation of a one minute video clip featuring the Trustee Member’s personal vision of industry trends and latest projects to be featured at multiple venues meant to strengthen worldwide marketing platforms.


Platinum level membership enjoy public relations through exposure in all electronic and published literature. Interaction offer the opportunity to congregate with other top executives to discuss vital concerns and cutting edge trends that shape and affect the current market. 


Silver level membership offers a link to wide-reaching commercial relationships within the industry. Upon joining the Developers & Builders Alliance as a Provider Industry Related, immediate benefits include your company’s information listing on our network and social media platforms. The combined purchasing power of developer and builder members will position you for potentially lucrative endeavors.

Business Partners


The Developers and Builders Alliance did major strides in the advancement of Green markets, not only in building, but also in related businesses and industries. To fulfill its objectives, DBA has partnered with CERTIFIED GREEN PARTNERS™ (CGP) in an innovative and integrated approach to encourage sustainable development worldwide. CGP is a certification and education organization promoting sustainable practices to corporate social responsibility.

All public and private organizations, regardless of size, can comply with local and international regulations by implementing our easy to follow program. Our program is a combination of existing global environmental standards and practices, which also include performance indicators that can be customized by certification level, location and local factors. The personalization capabilities of our program allow any participating organization to create its own plan of action in regards to conservation.

Once implemented, Certified Green Partners validates and authorizes companies the right to use the seal of compliance by assuring that the practices, products, processes, systems and services are in compliance with their local regulations and global ecological standards.


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