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This level of membership grants access to exclusive industry connections covering global market intelligence, deal flow, research and land acquisition, capital investors & broker relations. Strategic meetings can be arranged with influential and powerful industry leaders and government officials to create new partnerships and future business ventures.

Black Level membership provides a collection of the Alliance's marketing endeavors: consulting, public relations, and marketing exposure through the widest coverage of publicity offered by the organization. Through our partnership with international trade expos, the DBA can act as an extension of your company and serve as a powerful business development partner to maximize time and promote interaction.

As part of the Black Level marketing benefit and optional to member, DBA can provide education and information on how to adopt eco-friendly business practices. Members whose companies currently conduct ecological business operations will be validated through a formal letter of acknowledgement and listed as a company in compliance with local and international regulations through our network platform. Our savings program, will offer the Black Level members an up-to-date trusted vendor-provider directory, which allows receiving discounts on products and services rendered by Centurion members.