Certified Green Partners® (CGP) is an international and independent educational and certification organization committed to promoting the integration of sustainable practices across all industries. By implementing an easy to follow program, all public and private organizations regardless of size, goods produced or services offered, can comply with local and international regulations.

Nukondo we deliver digital products that create an efficient marketplace for new condominiums in world-class buildings around the globe. We provide a platform for real estate developers and their master brokers, to keep information about their projects updated and accurate in one place. We standardize and distribute this information globally so buyers and their agents can gain access to these projects to then filter, compare, and decide which condominium is most suitable for their needs. We believe that through transparent information people are empowered to make better decisions.

Elite Green Compliance International (EGCI) offers independent services worldwide, to all public or private industries. These services include consulting, training, verification, auditing, and certification.  Our specialized experts offer effective and profitable solutions enabling companies to achieve their environmental goals.